Women of INQUIRE

Iseult Lynch

Position: Chair Professor of Environmental Nanosciences

Partner institute: University of Birmingham


Expertise: My core expertise is in understanding the interactions between man-made materials/chemicals and biological systems across scales (from small molecules and proteins through cell membranes, cells, organisms such as the water flea daphnia, and even humans) and have spent the last several years also focusing on how we can best organise, annotate, and share datasets on chemicals exposure and effects to support chemoinformatics approaches in order to develop predictive models of toxicity (in silico toxicity assessment) and reduce our reliance on animal testing whilst ensuring that citizens and the environment are protected.


Work package(s): WP6 on FAIR data/Data Management

INQUIRE role: For INQUIRE, it is my expertise in toxicology data management that I will be utilising, providing training to INQUIRE researchers on how to make their datasets FAIR, that is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-usable, and support in development of data and metadata (data about the datasets that help others to understand what the data is about which is essential for re-use of the data) capture templates and workflows.  UoB are playing a supporting role in the project, to enable all partners to generate the maximum impact from, and longevity of their datasets.