Women of INQUIRE

Nuria Castell

Position: Senior Scientist

Partner institute: The Climate and Environmental Research Institute NILU


Expertise: Nuria Castell, Senior Scientist at NILU, is the coordinator of the Technology and Society group, leading national and international research projects focused on the uptake and validation of novel sensor technologies and the integration of citizen observations in policy and research. She is currently coordinating the Horizon Europe CitiObs project, aiming at enhancing Citizen Observatories in 85 cities in Europe. Nuria’s academic pursuits encompass a wide-ranging spectrum of fields, including sustainable urban development, citizen science, environmental governance, planetary health, urban living labs experimentation and the intersection of science and art. Nuria also holds the position of co-chair of the Citizen Science Global Partnership and the European Citizen Science Association’s working group on air quality.


Work package(s): WP1, WP4, WP6

INQUIRE role: Use of low-cost sensors in indoor air quality monitoring. Chair of the IDEAL cluster working group on sensors.