Young researchers of INQUIRE

Sarah L. Paralovo

Positon: R&D researcher

Partner institute: Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO)

Research focus: Following a decade of undergrad, masters and doctorate studies in the field of air quality, I am currently an R&D scientist at the Flemish Institute for Technology (VITO), with a focus on indoor air quality (IAQ) and ventilation. Our research team deals with different projects in the IAQ field, ranging from small assessments of health/comfort complaints in individual houses to large scale Flemish surveys and European projects.

Work package(s): WP4

Role in INQUIRE: I’m joining WP4 to assist in the task of simulating the effect of products emissions in the IAQ of typical European homes. By simulating a range of potential scenarios, the goal is to help defining effective intervention strategies to keep occupants’ exposure to harmful indoor contaminants as low as possible. 

What got me interested in research in the first place: I have always been a very curious person, since childhood. Being a researcher taught me how to find trustworthy information and truly learn about any topic that interests me. INQUIRE provides yet another opportunity to gather important information about a pressing topic in our current times (IAQ and health), transform it into knowledge and hopefully into efficient strategies to make it better. 

 Hobbies: Yoga, cinema and TV shows.  

Fun fact about myself: I’m Brazilian, and both my undergrad and master theses were about outdoor air quality in the Amazon region. Once I attended a workshop in the middle of the Amazon Forest and saw a jaguar in the wild. It was equal parts beautiful and terrifying.